bad luck is supposed to happen in 3's

1.So last week got written up at work for something that happened 3 months ago at work that I couldn't even remember, so I couldn't defend myself, aka my boss was just pissed at me for some reason I figure. Sucks


2. Got a CEL in my subie yesterday scanned it po420 - bank 1 below threshold. I cleared it and put a BIG squirt of Lucas fuel conditioner and half a hank of premium in it (from 1/8 tank), I'm hopeful the oxygen sensor makes itself happy for a little while. worst case I'll need a cat

3. parking beside this chick's house last night (Read 2am this morning) my right rear mudflap, pushed between a small curb and my tire and tore itself off =(. It's a rally armor poly so its fine just broke the plastic washers, but a downer nun the less,


Here's hoping that that's it for my bad luck for now! unfortunately bad luck happening in 3's usually happens in 4's for me for some reason, So I'm going to try and to stay on the ball the rest of the week!

End Venting.

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